interaction designer & prototyper

Martina is an interaction designer with a background in product design. Her education developed across multiple European institutions, moving among different design disciplines, methods and approaches. Through this experience she developed a critical viewpoint about how design can be applied to various contexts and industries, as well as a strong set of practical skills she uses to realise her ideas and visions.

Martina likes to find connections between abstract concepts and practical applications: She strongly believes that looking into the real world and talking to real people is the best place to harness inspiration that can then be used to drive innovation projects. Her strong ability in prototyping and her love for people-centered design processes are key factors in creating solutions that will create positive change for peoples lives.

After working as a design consultant for clients such as Toyota and Coloplast, she had the opportunity to spend 6-months at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA). During this time she was able to explore her interest in cross cultural studies combined with her passion for integrating design research in a technology driven environment. By leading the first design driven project at MSRA she was able to support the creation of a new design team.

Martina loves to work on new concepts (abstract or concrete) that explore the possibility of promoting new lifestyles and behaviours. She approaches design problems by looking into the future and imagining new ways of doing things.

Here you find her --->CV