Capta Collective

with David Sjunnesson + Filippo Cuttica +Ishac Bertran (CIID - 2010)

Capta is a collaborative platform that helps creative people share ideas and bring them into reality. ??People often have a good idea but they don’t necessarily have the skills or money to fully realise it. Capta enables people with good ideas to connect with people with the relevant skills to develop the idea collaboratively.

The whole system rests on the idea of future payment to its collaborators using predicted future revenues – effectively making them a part of the team. This creates strong and dedicated teams resulting in better and more well-thought through end results.


Members of CaptaCollective share ideas and skills. People can propose ideas to the community or join other people’s projects if they find those interesting. People are not paid to work on the project. Instead, they provide their skills and/or tools because they believe in the idea, either as a shareable treasure or as a product.

We can consider Capta to be a financial service that allows you to develop ideas without the involvement of real money; competence, time, work and ideas are the currencies exchanged.

User Research/Design Process /Experience Prototyping
Capta is the last concept that came out from a non-linear design path. During the service design course we went through some very different concepts on the surface but all had a very clear red thread in the form of sharing cost and risk in groups.

Starting from Paypool, a mobile application to share expenses, we realised that there is a world of gifts that is hard to measure with money, such as buying a beer for a friend, and creating an application that didn’t support that would just annoy the users.

We decided to move on with “let’s do that”, a service that allowed people to make their dreams happen, but our dream died when we found which was very similar to our service. We then decided that we should take the same concept one step further and eliminate the money side. People are skills, and that’s enough to bring ideas into reality.

Apart from building some prototypes to get insights from different users, we wanted to test the concept ourselves – we decided to develop a rough version of the Capta website and launched Capta Collective as the first idea on the platform. At the same time, we used the contract generated by the Capta service to state the partnership between the Capta founders.