with Ivan Provenzale + Marina Andrade Camara (IxD Venice-2007)

Hacktion is an interactive system accessed by mobile phone.
It allows people, who love theatral performances and are keen on contemporary topical issues, to improvise satiric sketches in the streets of Venice.
It supports the creation of a social network among people who would like to collaborate for a creative, free and critical form of public expression.

Hacktion helps people to build social and cooperative relationships while discussing controversial issues of contemporary life.
Venice is a significant locus of sustainability and economic challenges; furthermore the poetic and theatrical aspect of the city makes it a perfect stage.
In the seventeenth-century, Venetian ‘Commedia dell’Arte’ improvisations often used satire, a mixture of irony and exaggeration, to expose and criticize.
Our design is for people whose basic principles are environmentalism, reliance on participatory democracy, nonviolence, and social justice causes.
Other stakeholders will be pedestrians, theatre schools, youth association, citizens committees.

. allowing interaction among users, anywhere at anytime, to create public improvised performances

. focusing more on topical issues

. stimulating the audience to contribute feedback about the events

. developing an informal hierarchy based on the use of the service and refreshed by the audience

. ’out of nowhere’ awareness of co-performers’ presence in a new “Hacktion” area

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