Toyota: New experiences in the car

At CIID Consultancy


This project was a collaboration between Kansei Design Team, a cross-functional Design Division at Toyota Motor Europe, and CIID. The objective was to develop concepts focusing on new experiences enabled by the car expressing Toyota's corporate value and embody Japanese Culture.

The objective of the collaboration between Kansei Design and CIID was to support an ideation phase and develop concepts focusing on new experiences enabled by the car. The concepts needed to be in line with Toyota’s corporate value and embody Japanese Culture.

During the project, CIID went through a rapid and iterative design process, where the focus was not solely on creating concepts that were strong in terms of visual aesthetics but rather on creating experiences that were meaningful in nature, as well as elegant solutions.

In this project, the process was equally as rich as the final solutions. Each stage of the process played an important role. The inspiration and user research gathered in the initial stages of the project supported the concept generation, igniting ideas and giving depth to the solutions. The concept generation phase facilitated a collaboration not only between CIID and Kansei Design, but with other designers and engineers from Toyota Motor Europe. This exchange of ideas meant the concepts were diverse in nature due to the cross-discipline perspective of the people involved.

Window to the World (CIID/Toyota) from CIID on Vimeo.

One of the concepts "Window to the World" was on showcased at the "Future Mobility Now" exhibition, organised by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), from June 22 to 25 at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels, Belgium.